New Sansa Fuze firmware with Ogg support

There is a new firmware update available for Sansa Fuze. It updates the firmware to version 01.01.15. Most notable improvement, long awaited one even, is support for ogg and flac files. The first ogg file I tried froze up my player and I had to reboot it, but after that I haven't encountered problems. Not yet at least.

Firmware update on Linux was easy following the instructions provided and involved just unpacking the new firmware file to the root of the device. And using the Sansa Fuze is easier now on Ubuntu also because the new Ubuntu 8.10 Beta seems to recognize the player without any command line magic required previously.

Playlist seem to work somewhat better too. Now if only the huge problems with video conversion were fixed. Perhaps after that I could actually recommend this player to others.


melchior said...

Hi Spica,

For your information:
I've read of your endeavours to find out the right encoding specs/paramters for the Fuze and just thought "Let's try asking sandisk to tell them to us :)!"

I posted the request in their forums:


I hope the will help, and if not someone will finally find out the needed parameters like it happened with the Sansa View 10 months or so after its release :).

This isn't rocket science, on day, we'll find out these parameters :).

And until then just enjoy the rest of the Fuze :).


regeya said...

Good luck.

I'm able to get SMC to install and run, but it always complains of missing codecs. Bummer.

To get it to install and run, you need to install, at the very least, Windows Media Player 10, which can be installed via winetricks.