Ubuntu Hardy: what I want to see

The next Ubuntu edition, codenamed "Hardy Heron" is coming out next spring. It is a so called Long Term Support edition. From my point of view, when I evaluate my experiences with my new Acer laptop, this is what I'm hoping to see. This is mainly stuff that isn't up to the developers of Ubuntu but to the developers upstream who make the drivers and such. I'm just hoping new versions make it to Hardy.
  • Working suspend. ACPI-support is a mess. I think there are at least some improvements planned, I really hope they fix the issues I'm having.
  • Updated sound drivers. I have actually already tried some updated ALSA drivers, which did fix some of my problems. The rest, maybe later.
  • Compiz and graphics drivers. There will be a new version of X11 in Hardy and with that some new graphics drivers from Intel. This may or may not fix some of the issues I had with Compiz.
It seems that my problems are common so there is at least some hope of getting them (partially) addressed. As it is often the case, Linux support for new hardware improves gradually in time. It can sometimes be hard to support hardware when the manufacturer releases only Windows binary drivers. So I'm waiting patiently.

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