Some motivation

Erm, hello.

A week ago I bought a laptop. I then installed Linux on it. That didn't go completely smoothly, which was not surprising considering that the model was quite new. I decided to write down some notes on the installation in the hope that they may benefit others who own the same laptop.

These notes had to be published somewhere and I came to the conclusion that a blog might be the best alternative. So here we are. Initially I am going to write here about the laptop, maybe also about computers and technology in general. Later on I might write about other things as well, but I haven't really thought about that yet. Who knows, maybe I'll even use this blog for incomprehensible ramblings ("w00t!") and inane rants ("Wake up sheeple!"), keeping with the best traditions of the blogosphere. Provided that I first go insane, of course.

Post scriptum: As English isn't my native language, I feel I must apologise in advance for all the bad English you are about to see here. I hope it doesn't bother you too much. But enough about that, moving on.

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Kadunta said...

Well, we'll see what this blog becomes. I know that mine forgot its mission way too soon.