Hardy is here!

Oh, joy!

As Linux enthusiasts may already know, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (code name Hardy Heron) was released this week. I've already earlier installed the development version on several normal desktop machines without any major issues. Now that it has been released officially, I'll also be upgrading my Acer 2920Z laptop shortly. I'll write about the results here later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Spicifer, I am really looking forward to see how you succeed. With Gutsy I have followed your instructions and all went well (THANKS!). Now I was forced to re-install so I waited for Hardy and installed. A driver for the wifi card has been installed and listed in the driver manager, but the card is not working till now, despite several hours of my struggle. I would be grateful for any hints.

spicifer said...


I wrote posts about using the wifi with ndiswrapper and my own 8.04 upgrade. Hope they provide at least some pointers.

Anonymous said...

Thy did provide pointers, thanks a lot!